Frequently Asked Questions

Will laser tattoo removal get rid of my tattoo completely?

Laser tattoo removal is extremely effective, and in most cases it’s possible to remove your unwanted tattoo completely. Alternatively, you may choose to lighten your tattoo so you can go over it with some new and improved ink work. Things like your skin type, the colours of the ink and the location of your tattoo all have a direct result on how successful laser treatment can be. Click here to find out more about the process…

How much does tattoo removal cost?

The cost to remove a tattoo depends on the size and colouring of your tattoo. For example, a small tattoo of around 8x4cm will cost around $70 per session and would require as many as 6 sessions. Click here to download our full tattoo-removal pricing guide. 

How many visits will I need to remove my tattoo?

The amount of time needed to remove a tattoo depends a lot on the size and colouring of your tattoo. Usually around 5-10 visits to our clinic will be needed to remove a tattoo of average size and colouring. This may be more or less time depending on whether you want to completely remove a tattoo or simply lighten the area for a cover up tattoo.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Anaesthesia cream and (sometimes) injections are used over the treatment area, which makes the procedure virtually pain free. After your treatment the skin around the tattoo area may experience some discomfort such as redness and (minimal) bleeding. You’ll need to apply antibiotic cream and keep your skin out of the sun until it heals, which usually takes between 1-3 weeks per session.

Who can benefit from laser tattoo removal?

Because each tattoo is unique, removal techniques must be tailored to suit each individual case. In the past, tattoos could be removed by a wide variety of methods but, in many cases, the scars were more unsightly than the tattoo itself.

What can I expect during laser tattoo removal?

Depending on the size and colour of your tattoo, the number of treatments will vary. Your tattoo may be removed in two to four visits, though it may take as many as 10 or more sessions. You should schedule a free consultation, during which time a trained professional will evaluate your personal situation and advise you on the process.

Is laser tattoo removal safe?

Thanks to newer technology, laser tattoo removal has become much more effective with very little risk of scarring. Laser treatment is often safer than many older methods such as excision, dermabrasion or salabrasion (using moist gauze pads saturated with a salt solution to abrade the tattooed area) because of its unique ability to selectively treat pigment involved in the tattoo.

What qualifications does your clinic hold?

It’s important to be aware that not all laser clinics are the same. Here in Victoria there are no legislative requirements for opening up a laser clinic. In other words, anybody can buy a laser machine and begin practicing without any medical training. Many doctors are all too familiar with the results of “back yard” laser treatment, which include painful burns and scarring.

Is the cost of laser tattoo removal covered by my private health insurance?

Because tattoo removal is seen as a “cosmetic” procedure it is not covered by most private health policies or Medicare. Exceptions to this rule may include if there is a medical reason necessitating the removal of the tattoo, which could include (for example) psychological reasons.

What are your clinic’s payment options?

We generally require payment at each session, which means your payment for complete treatment will be spread out across the (usually) several months that your treatment takes place. We accept cash and EFTPOS (including credit card) at our clinic. We are also happy to discuss payment plans for patients in financial hardship.

What guarantees do I have that this will work on me?

During your first visit we will be up front with you about what you can expect from treatment, and we honour our assessment by offering a full money back guarantee in the event that we are unable to meet the outcomes agreed upon at the outset of your treatment.

I have questions that aren’t covered here – how can I get help?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about laser tattoo removal via our contact page.